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Scratch. Play. Sleep. Repeat.

The Best Natural Scratcher for Your Cat, Your Home, and the Environment

Don’t Let Your Cat’s Instinct Wreak Havoc. Redirect it.

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Durable, corrugated material helps to remove dead skin while promoting healthy claws and paws.
Double-sided scratcher with organic catnip redirects your cat’s temptation to scratch furniture.
Made from all natural, corrugated material that is safe for your cat and 100% recyclable.
  • The healthiest alternative for redirecting cats tempted to scratch furniture. 
  • Manufactured from high quality, corrugated material that is 100% recyclable. 
  • Durable, reversible, and packaged with organic catnip. 
  • Made from high quality, corrugated cardboard, our scratchers provide a rough texture similar to tree bark that cats love.
  • They are are 100% recylcable, reversible, economic, and infused with organic catnip for hours of play.

Bring Out Your Kitty's Inner Superhero

The products you buy to care for your pets shouldn't end up in a landfill. Julius Pet Supplies provides natural pet care products made from sustainable, recyclable materials. Together, you and your furry friend can make a positive impact. Love your pet. Protect our planet.
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Save a Life

Through our Paws-to-Paws program, a portion of every purchase goes directly to support local animal shelters or welfare causes that are really making an impact for pets.

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Save the Environment

At Julius, we’re driven to provide all pets with a happy, healthy life while consciously preserving our environment.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Every time Rosco walks through the living room he has to take a quick detour to his scratcher – my furball loves his Julius!!
I love the Julius scratcher because it’s the perfect size for my cats to sit on while they stretch out to scratch. My cats are large and the small scratchers just don’t stay put. When they can’t get a good stretch and scratch, the cats will use furniture as a scratching post instead.
Definitely worth the investment! These scratchers are DURABLE – lasting almost twice as long as cheaper, paper competitors.

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